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The Belgian national team is in good shape and is ready to compete for gold medals. The team has a good lineup and the coach can choose the best players for each position.
All live scores of the games of the Belgian national football team are available on the website of sports statistics. The website provides the information about the games, as well as the schedule of upcoming matches.

The team of the Royal Club of Belgium is currently in the Champions League zone, where it is fighting for the right to enter the next stage. The Belgian national squad has already won the tournament twice, and it is ready for the third time.
In the current season, the Belgian team is led by the charismatic and dynamic Belgian football player, Thomas Vermaelen. He is a great midfielder, who can also play as a forward.
You can always follow the development of events in the Belgian football league on the sports statistics website. It provides the latest information about matches of the teams from Belgium and other countries.
Belgians are ready for a fight for the gold medals in the current tournament. The current season is very important for the team, because it will play in the Europa League. The club has a long tournament distance ahead, and the team will have to show its maximum in order to be able to compete with the top European clubs.
Live scores of all matches of Belgian football are available at the website. Here, you can find the latest news and detailed statistics of the matches. You can easily find the results of matches, as they are updated in real time. The information about all matches is updated in the form of a calendar, which is divided into sections.
Each section contains the results, the schedule, the lineup, as a whole the information that is necessary for you to follow the progress of events.
It is convenient to use the website in order not to miss anything important. The results of the current matches of Belgium football are presented on the screen of your computer.
Team news
The current season of the Champions Cup is very interesting for the Royal Belgian team. The coach of the team is Thomas Vermeulen, who is the best player of the country. The player has already played for the national team for 10 years.
Now, the coach has a very good squad, which can play in different competitions. The main one is the Europa league. The Royal Belgian club is in the top-4 of the standings, and this is a good result for the club. The Champions Cup will be held in the summer, and many teams have already played in it.
At the beginning of the season, it was obvious that the club would be able not to finish in the middle of the tournament table. The players of the club are very motivated and are ready to fight for a place in the next round.
However, the team has problems with the transfers, which will be solved in the near future. The most important are:
1. James Rodriguez from the Spanish La Liga. The Spanish player is a fantastic player, who will help the Royal club to win the Europa cup.
2. Marcel Desailly from the French Ligue 1. The French player is an excellent goalkeeper, who has already saved the lives of many Belgian football players.
3. Adrian Mutu from the Romanian Liga 1. He has already helped the Royal team to win a number of trophies.
4. Joao Felix from the Portuguese Liga 2. The Portuguese player is very dynamic and can help the team to fight in the Portuguese championship.
5. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from the Turkish football league. This player is already a top player, and his arrival will help to improve the results.
6. Sergio Ramos from the Argentinean football league, who was already a key player of Real Madrid.
7. Alexis Sanchez from the English football league is a talented player, but the club has not yet managed to sign him.
8. Leroy SanΓ© from the Belgian championship. The Spaniard is a top goalkeeper, and he can help to solve the problems of the coach.
This season, Belgian football is very busy, and there is a lot of competition for the places in the European cups. The national team has already qualified for the World Cup, and we can expect to see a lot more matches of this tournament.
Next matches of Champions Cup
The Champions Cup has already ended, and now we can see the results on the scoreboard. The tournament is very popular among fans, and you can always find the schedule on the site of sports results. Here you will find the information on the matches of all the teams participating in this tournament, as soon as they have finished.
Of course, the Royal Belgians are the main favorites of the competition, because they have already won it once. The previous season, they were the first team in the tournament to lose in the first round. However, the club is now in a good shape, and they will be able, in the future, to fight against the top teams.
There are a lot chances that the team of Thomas Vermeten will be the winner of the Europa Cup. The German player has a great squad, and together with the team players, they can easily win the cup.

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