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The Belgian national team is one of the main contenders for the gold medals in the international arena. This summer, the team has strengthened its lineup significantly. The main addition to the lineup is the acquisition of the young forward, Eden Hazard. The young Belgian player has already managed to score a few important goals for the team. The team has already qualified for the Champions League. The Belgian national football team is a team that can be considered one of Europe’s main favorites.
However, the Belgian team is not without its shortcomings. The most obvious one is the lack of experience. The Belgians have not won a major tournament for a long time. The last time the team won gold medals was in the 1990s. The current Belgian team has only won the European Championship in 1996. This is a long period of time that the team needs to get used to playing in the Champions’ League.
Belgium is a strong team that has a lot of chances to win gold medals. The national team has a good lineup and is able to use the different tactics. The coach of the team, Roberto Martinez, has a great experience in the national team. He has managed to win the Champions’ League twice. The first time, he won the tournament with the team of the Italian team, Juventus.
In the current season, the Belgians will face a number of difficulties. The following factors will affect the team’ results:
1. The selection of the starting lineup. The Belgium national team will have to play against the following teams:
* Spain;
* Germany;
2. Lack of experience of the players. The players have not played in the top-tier of the English Premier League for a couple of years.
3. Injuries of the leaders.
4. Unstable teams.
5. Poor teamwork.
6. Not enough motivation.
7. Bad results.
8. Failure in the group stage.
9. Disastrous results in the playoffs.
10. Injuries.
All these factors will make the Belgian national soccer team a real contender for the victory in the tournament.

The current season of the Champions league has already shown that the Belgian club is a real force in the European arena. The club has a number 1 ranking in the standings. The performance of the club in the current tournament is very good. The fans of the Belgian soccer can not wait for the next season.
You can always follow the results of the current Belgian soccer tournament on the website of sports statistics. Here, you will find the latest information about the game of the
Live football results of Belgium and other national teams
The season of European football has come to an end. The championship of the continent has ended with the victory of the Netherlands. The Netherlands team won the title of the best team in the world. This was the first time that a team won all the tournaments of the European football championship.
This year, the Netherlands team was led by the legendary Dutchman, Netherlands coach, Louis van Gaal. The Dutchman has managed not only to lead the team to the victory, but also to win a number one ranking in all the European championships. The success of the Dutch team has been accompanied by a number and quality of goals scored. The total of 615 goals scored was the highest in the history of the championship of Europe.
During the tournament, the Dutch national team managed to defeat the Germans, the Czechs, the Portuguese and the Italians. The German team was defeated by the Dutch. The Germans were led by Jurgen Klinsmann. He managed to lead his team to a number 2 ranking in European football.
At the end of the tournament of the German championship, the German team managed not to win any match. The reason for this is the injuries of several players. In the tournament in question, the following players were injured:
• Müller;
• Zidane;
· Schweinsteiger;
1 Dortmund goalkeeper, Timo Werner.
Despite the fact that the German national team was not able to win, it managed to finish the tournament as a champion. The victory over the Netherlands was a good result for the German football team.
Now, the attention of the fans of football is focused on the Champions tournament. The tournament of UEFA is the most important tournament of all time. It is held every four years. The Champions” tournament is held in order to decide the champion of the world and the best club in Europe. The winner of the competition receives the title “Champion of the World”.
It is not surprising that the Netherlands is considered the main contender for winning the title. The country has a large number of players that can play in the team and become a real leader. The strong lineup of the national football of the country can be seen on the sports statistics website of the sports. Here you can find the results and statistics of the matches of the National Team of the Netherland.
Football results of other national championships
In addition to winning the European championship, Holland also won the national championship. The season of national football was very successful for the Dutch football team, as it managed not just to win but also finish as a winner.

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